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Kingdom Hearts Legacy chapter 40
“I tried to tell to you doc . . .” zephyr said to doctor Delbert “you gotta watch out when doing business with two headed salesmen. They tend to try persuading you from two sides”
Anne raised an amused eyebrow, “ what if he's dealing with two two-headed salesmen?”
“then we're gonna get one big headache” he answered with a witty reply, causing Anne to giggle.
“oh! There it is!” Delbert exclaimed, everyone looking to where he was pointing at a magnificent floating ship
zephyr laughed at the looks on his recent friends face, jaws dropped and eyes wide. “cool huh?”
“amazing” Selina answered in awe “have you ever seen anything like it?”
“nothing like this” deker answered her as they boarded the ship and Jim ran into a snail like crew mate, stepping on him and leaving a footprint. The crew mate then started making farting sounds and seemed to be picking a fight with them. Luckily Delbe
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vildtiger art trade :iconstorykeeper03:storykeeper03 2 6 'spellweaver' Selina Faithcrest :iconstorykeeper03:storykeeper03 3 12 Selina Faithcrest WIP :iconstorykeeper03:storykeeper03 0 0 Xion Headshot :iconstorykeeper03:storykeeper03 2 2 Arian Head Shot :iconstorykeeper03:storykeeper03 1 2
Kingdom Hearts Legacy chapter 39
Chapter 39
“so . . . what is it?” Jim asked seeing the moogle friend of deker and Selina.
“he, not it . . .” Selina corrected “and his name is Mogu”
“don't reckon I’ve ever seen someone like him before?” zephyr commented.
“I guess it's could be because their aren't any other moogles around here” Mogu spoke up cheerfully, surprising both Jim and zephyr.
“whoa! He can talk?”
Mogu looked confused at Jim, “of course I can talk” he replied “why wouldn't I?”. he then turned to deker and Selina, “did you need something guys?”
“yeah, we wanted to buy a few things off you Mogu and we were wondering if you could help with our new friends here” deker answered, gesturing to zephyr and Jim.
“new friends?” Mogu looked at the newcomers “oh! Are you new keyblade wielders?!”
“zephyr is, I’m not” Jim answered.
Mogu  looked at zephyr
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Kingdom Hearts Legacy chapter 38
Chapter 38
'no way!' Selina said in awe.
'that's a spaceport?!' Anne asked in disbelief.
'indeed it is' the doctor said proudly.
'incredible' added Deker in awe as well.
Zephyr smiled, 'by the looks on your faces I’m guessing you've never seen the montresser spaceport before?' he asked but got no answer, not that he was expecting them to say anything but the looks on their faces said it all.
It had been three days since the benbow inn had burned down and the others were stareing out the window of the solar ferry to get a site of the montresser spaceport. At first the keyblade wielders had thought it was a moon until the ferry got closer and saw it was actually an artificially made spaceport in the shape of a crescent moon. They could see everything from the ports the ships were kept to the town within.
'wonder how long this took to make?' Anne asked curiously 'who made it?'
zephyr shrugged 'the royal empire commissioned to have this made so it's a good guess that they employed wo
:iconstorykeeper03:storykeeper03 1 11
Kingdom Hearts Legacy chapter 37
Chapter 37
“okay, so you two mind telling me what happened back there?” zephyr asked once Deker, Selina and himself were away from the rest of their friends “and I don’t just mean that armour and vehicles you were riding cause something tells me it’s got something to do with those things you call heartless, that magic and those swords of yours?”. He looked around to make sure no one was listening “because I’m starting to wonder if I’m losing my mind here”
Selina chuckled “don’t worry you’re not losing your mind and yes it’s got something to do with those things too”
“Zephyr, have you or anyone else been attacked by those heartless before today or maybe have people been disappearing?” Deker asked in a serious tone.
Zephyr went quite for a moment as he thought about what Deker had asked, “Well now that you mention it, about a week ago there have been rumours going about of strange
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Kohaku's Symbol :iconstorykeeper03:storykeeper03 3 4 Xion's Symbol :iconstorykeeper03:storykeeper03 6 8 Tessa Symbol :iconstorykeeper03:storykeeper03 2 0


+PC+ Fairy Tail OCs :iconfiread:firead 101 21 Unbreakable Bonds FFXV :iconelintan:ElinTan 590 15 KH : Kairi In Action :iconpink-crest:pink-crest 74 8 KH : Quartet :iconpink-crest:pink-crest 98 36 The Witch's Knight :iconx-chaoticdawn-x:x-chaoticdawn-x 30 5 MavisAugust - The embrace I never had :iconchengggg:Chengggg 142 36 Mavis and her little August :iconsupremedarkqueen:SupremeDarkQueen 134 17 Lilo and Stitch meet Moana and Maui :iconskirtzzz:Skirtzzz 5,002 400 Mavis and her little August Lineart *spoiler* :icongoldstargirl178:Goldstargirl178 30 6
Raven vs. Medea/Caster - Prelude
Hakuboshi: “Magic, rather for good or evil, fighting for one who is close is one factor used for its ability. Some who are good will protect the innocents, some, will use it for their own personal gain.”
Wendy: “And sometimes, hiding your face and wearing purple makes you superb in its occult arts, like Raven, daughter of Trigon.”
Hakuboshi: “And Caster, the Magus from the Age of Gods. I’m Haku and shes Wendy.”
Wendy: “And welcome to DEATH BATTLE!”

Species: Half-demon, Half-human
Age: 15
Height: 4’9-5’2 (144-157 cm)
Hakuboshi: “In the realm of Azarath, a woman escaped the bondage and clutches of Trigon, the Terrible. This woman – Arella, would give birth to a child, who is prophesied to destroy the world as the vessal to this demon. This child, would be a loner, fatalistic, and the poster-child for goth and emos in the early-to-mid 2000
:iconhakuxtemari:hakuxtemari 16 5
Moana :iconsharkie19:sharkie19 3,547 70 Dragon Cry Tribute :iconzippi44:zippi44 633 42 Crystal Zahar (A gift for ChaosPhantom444) :iconlightanddarkheart:LightandDarkHeart 5 7 Commission: shivering :iconkegispringfield:KegiSpringfield 225 113
The Angel's Keyblade: Arc 2 ~ Chapter 6
Hikari's POV
I wasn't quite sure what had happened; one moment I was following Riku and Queen Minnie to the library, and the next thing I knew, I was standing in a dark chamber with a giant sphere of light in front of me. I looked around, my brain fuzzy as I studied my surroundings. It was completely empty, side from the orb on the pedestal, with a flight of stairs  in one wall leading upwards.
"How did I end up here?" I asked aloud.
"Your heart called out to me," a woman's voice spoke.
I spun back around towards the voice, only to see the sphere of light. I took a step closer to it, titling my head in confusion as I did so. "Am I losing it, or did I just hear a voice come from this light?"
"You seek guidance, do you not?" The voice spoke again and this time I knew that it was definetely coming from the orb.
"Who are you?" I inquired.
"I am known as The Cornerstone of Light. I exist to protect this world and its inhabitants from the Darkness o
:iconcutepoochyena261:CutePoochyena261 1 0


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chris cant
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
born in dec 29th 0f 1992 and love a good story, especially fanfics. i can drawfantasy weapons, pin designs (which if anyone wants just ask and tell me what they want) and i have a kingdom hearts fanfic of my own called kingdom hearts legacy, be sure to check it out.

my obseeions include:
Kingdom Hearts Series Stamp by nakashimariku (my friends are my power and i'm theirs!)
fairy tail stamp by HavickArt (if your a fan say AYE SIR! you know you want to)
Naruto Stamp by Jazz-Kamelski (believe it!)
Doctor Who Stamp by Kezzi-Rose (if you have a timey wimey problem, call the TARDIS)
.:FMA stamp:. by MintyMaguire (one is all and all is one, that is truth)
So Many Books by LaPurr (i got my own library, nuff said)
RWBY Stamp by SpamCrackers (slay the grimm with kick ass weapons!)
Final Fantasy Stamp by winter-ame (still going strong!)
Red vs Blue Stamp by Caboose4ever (ever wonder why we're here?)
I Love My Music ::Stamp:: by himiko-hedgehog (don't stop the music!)
(you can be a hero!)

now behold my stamps!
I am an artist by NicoleMarch I am a writer by NicoleMarch :thumb274490019: I Love Anime Stamp. by CreatureCola Shoot For The Moon Stamp by allyalltheway I am a dreamer - Stamp - by Gewalgon I am a dreamer - Stamp - by Gewalgon Booksbooksbooksbooksbooksbooks by endler Gamer Child Stamp by SBsStampAttack Art Block Stamp by Khrinx Writers Block Stamp by Khrinx Disconnected Rage Stamp by Khrinx So Stop Making People Feel Like It by endler You're not alone by TheSallySaga Different... by sirocco-rc You achieve more with calmness. by Little-rolling-bean Stamp: Respect by Jammerlee I don't care if it's for kids by Latiosdude Stamp: Characters are children by Jammerlee OC Theme Songs stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria OC appreciation stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria Stamp---OCs-Interacting-in-Story by TenshiNoFuu Nearly a Century of Magic by endler TARDIS Stamp by Carthoris Tardis: Bigger on the inside by Psychotic-Female KH Twitter_Bots Stamps 1 by FlameSalvo Sora by Ellexon Riku by Ellexon Kairi by Ellexon Namine by Ellexon Roxas by Ellexon Axel by Ellexon Xion by Ellexon Terra by Ellexon Aqua by Ellexon Ventus by Ellexon Natsu Stamp by whiteflamingo Lucy Stamp by whiteflamingo Erza Stamp 2 by whiteflamingo Gray Stamp 2 by whiteflamingo Wendy Stamp by whiteflamingo Happy Stamp 2 by whiteflamingo Charle Stamp by whiteflamingo SAO Stamp by Mel-Rosey Kirito Stamp by klll100 Asuna Stamp by klll100 Stamp - Yui by Taorero
R.I.P Monty Oum (1981 - 2015) by KiraiMirai RWBY Stamp: Red 4 by wow1076 RWBY White stamp by HystericDesigns RWBY Black stamp by HystericDesigns RWBY-yellow-stamp by HystericDesigns Marvel Comics Doctor Strange Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman


just played kh union X and my review is this; THANK YOU GAMING GODS FOR THE AWESOME UPDATE!!!
new potc 5 trailer is out and it's awesome!
neew trailer for the fairy tail movie is out! but fairy tail is ending nooooooo!
so here's the second chibi version of my second new oc, her name is Naomi and as you can guess she's a bit of a tomboy. her origins are about the same as Alden's except instead of going with master ava's dandelions she chose to stay and fight. by the time she realized the supposed enemies were her fellow keyblade wielder it was too late and the war began, forcing her to fight and end up confronting a certain bear themed forteller and be rescued by her friend Alden who came back to save her.

she doesn't use as much magic in combat as Alden does but her strength and close combat skills with a keyblade make up for it. the keyblade she has is the fully upgraded darkgnaw keyblade which was given to her by a certain missing apprentice of the master of masters.

let me know what you think of her ^^
okay so i decided to put my KHL fanfic on hold to see the stories oh kh fragmentary passage, unchained x and the back cover to see if i would need to adjust the story in the future (cause i've already got 2 new worlds in mind to add).

the result: the next problem to writers block, writers madness!!!

for those who do a kh fanfic and haven't seen these parts in the kh series, i warn you now, your gonna have a "fun" time trying to work these surprises. especially if you've seen the secret ending to unchained x.

i now have to tune up the back story, landmarks, history of my story in future chapters and (probably) create 2 new OC to add to it! and i've already got 10!

still all in all i loved the new stories added to the series and they really do explain a lot of things about the story so far as well as what will occur in kh3 (if you notice the little hints).

so in short, the fanfic is going to take time (between fine tuning and TAFE course homework) so i can only ask for patience . . . and read some other fanfics during the wait ^^;

thank you an let me know how you've all been ^^
  • Listening to: period by chemist (fullmetal alchemist
  • Reading: the secrets of the immortal, nicholas flamel
  • Watching: fairy tail & other anime
  • Playing: final fantasy 15
  • Eating: noodles
  • Drinking: soft drink, any at the moment


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